Working on a 45 minute webisode covering The Demon Hotspots NYCC Panel….

Crap. It’s really broken (sigh). Note to self: stop reading in bed and prep for NaNoWriMo..

Book Club Author-Candy Alert: Kim Harrison and Jeaniene Frost are coming to NYCC 2011..

It started when I tripped and tried not to fall… I wish I would have busted my a$$ instead of messing up Sean Connery.

Life With Wee People: Skype Sketching @LynnRush and @VickiPettersson.

A portrait of Emmy’s Marc….

Life With Wee People: The shorties are picking portraits… starting with @JayeWells.

First Mistake? Admitting I had an exclusive invite. Second Mistake? The FIRST of course….

The Fall Agenda…

The Fall Agenda….

Club Chaos Eye Candy: My Maryland E. A. Poe Real Estate Moment….